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Troop 70
Dallas, TX
Since 1930

444 eagles

83 years of fun


Scoutmasters of Troop 70:

Troop 70 has been blessed with strong leadership. The uniformed leaders have done a great service for the troop, community, and the boys. The Scoutmaster exemplifies that leadership in their dedication of time, talent, and treasure.

A.P. Rollins       1930 -- 1932

Ira J. Russell     1932 -- 1936

J.E. Johnson      1936 -- 1937

George Haas      1938 -- 1940

Jimmie Trexler    1940 -- 1941

L. F. Lundy       1941 -- 1943

A.P. Rollins, Jr    1943 -- 1944 (deceased) - Andy Rollins was the first Eagle Scout in Troop 70.  He received his award in 1933, just three years after the troop was founded.  His father was the first scoutmaster. Andy was to attend the first B.S.A. National Jamboree in 1935 which was postponed until 1937 due to a disease outbreak. He went on to a distinguished career in the military.

Frank Shotola      1944 -- 1944

G. Bert Jones      1945 -- 1946

Lon Sailers        1946 -- 1984 (deceased)- Lon was scoutmaster for 38 years.  Under his leadership the troop grew and gained local and national recognition.  He stressed the basics of camping and insisted on participation and uniforming.  There are 238 scouts who received their Eagle award during his tenure. Lon passed on to the troop eternal on December 7, 1985.   Mr. Sailers was Wood Badge trained, vigil member of the Order of the Arrow, recipient of the Silver Beaver Award, among other honors.  He attended the 1950, 1953, 1957, 1960, 1964, 1969, 1973, 1977, and 1981 national jamborees and the 1963, 1967, 1971, and 1975 world jamborees.

Dan Herndon    1984 --2012 (deceased) - Dan first joined the troop as an assistant scoutmaster in 1964.  He served as an assistant with Mr. Sailers and assumed the position as scoutmaster when Mr. Sailers' health declined.  Dan shares in the accolades for his many years of service to Scouting and to Troop 70. He has also served as a jamboree leader for the 1969, 1973, 1977, 1981, and 1985 national jamborees.  Dan is a recipient of the Silver Beaver Award and the Lon Sailers Excellence in Leadership award.  His son Leslie is a Troop 70 Eagle Scout and son John was a troop member for several years.

Howard Crissey  1985 -- 1988 - Howard became scoutmaster during a very difficult time for the troop.  He provided a guiding hand as the troop transitioned from a long time beloved leader to new troop leadership.  Howard is Wood Badge Trained and has received the Scouter's Key.  Howard attended the 1989 national jamboree.  His son Ryan received his Eagle award in the troop.

Jim Phillips        1988 -- 1992:   Jim is the first Troop 70 Eagle scout, under Lon Sailers, to become scoutmaster.  He received his Eagle award in 1957.  Jim returned to the troop when his son joined in the late 1970s.  He has served the troop as patrol dad, troop committee chairman, assistant scoutmaster, and as scoutmaster.  After serving as scoutmaster for four years, he continues to serve as an assistant scoutmaster and as Institutional Representative.  He received the Lon Sailers Excellence in Leadership Award in 1992 and the Silver Beaver award in 2005.  Jim is Wood Badge trained and has been active in the district and council serving as the North Trail Advancement Chairman since 2002.  He attended the 1989 jamboree as a jamboree scoutmaster.

Charles Holmes    1992-1996 and 1998-2005:  Charles earned his Eagle award in Troop 70 in 1968.  He has served in several capacities since 1976 including as an assistant scoutmaster, treasurer, and now of the troop committee.  After four years as scoutmaster, he took a two your break to orginzed and lead the 1997 naitional jamboree contimgent for Circle Ten. Then he returned for seven more years as scoutmaster.  Charles has served as the Jamboree Chairman for Circle Ten Council for the 1997, 2001, 2005, 2010, national jamborees as well as the 1998, 2002, 2007, world jamborees and as the regional chairmang for 2011.  Charles is Wood Badge trained, served as a staff member on fourteen Wood Badge courses, including as Course Director.  He has attended seven national jamborees and six world jamborees as Scoutmaster, assistant, and BSA contingent staff.  He has received the Silver Beaver, Scouter's Key, Training Award, Distinguished Scoutmaster Award, International Scouter knot, Colonel Henry Combs service award, and Silver Antelope.  He has two sons, Grant and Carson, both Troop 70 Eagle Scouts and active in the troop..

Nathan Schonier    1996-1998     Before becoming scoutmaster, Nathan served as an assistant scoutmaster for 5 years.  Nathan has worked in the North Trail District in many capacities including scoutmaster at Golden Acorn, scoutmaster for the 1997 national jamboree, first aid trainer for the Red Cross, and as Oak Leaf course director.  Nathan has worked with many scouts as Eagle advisor.  Nathan is Wood Badge trained, was active in the district and trains other scout leaders in emergency medical training. Nathan is now retired from Scouting.  Nathan's son Paul, received his Eagle award in the troop.

Bob Pospick   2005-2009:  Bob is the third Troop 70 Eagle Scout, under Lon Sailers, to serve as Scoutmaster of the troop.  He has earned the Training and Silver Beaver awards.  Bob has attended five national jamborees either as the Scoutmaster or an assistant.  He received his Wood Badge beads in 1986 and has served on two Wood Badge staffs,  Bob has served the troop as an assistant scoutmaster from 1981 to 2005 when he became Scoutmaster in June at the 75th Anniversary Celebration.  Bob has two boys, Will and Walt, would are both Eagle Scouts. After serving as scoutmaster, Bob has remained as an assistant providing key experience to the new leaders.

John Shipes   2005-2009: John has enjoyed two times as being a leader in the troop. He served as an ASM in the late 1990s and early 2000s as his older son attained the Eagle Scout rank and again when his younger son joined the troop. John is a small business owner as a world class photograher. John is Wood Badge trained, married, and is active in troop and district activities.

Troop 70 is the oldest continuously operating boy scout troop in university park. (more)

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Replay the closing show from the 2010 National Jamboree.(video)

Troop 70 celebrated its 80th year of operation in 2010 with a reunion at University Park Elementary School
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