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Troop 70
Dallas, TX
Since 1930

444 eagles

83 years of fun


Dan Herndon Award:
Leadership through Service

The Award:

Created by the troop committee, this award was announced at the May 2008 Court of Honor. The first awards were presented on May 4th, 2009 at the end of year Court of Honor honoring 43years of service to the troop by Dan Herndon.  Dan first appeared on a troop roster in 1966 and has been there ever since. 

Dan has served as an assistant scoutmaster 41 of those years and 2 years as scoutmaster.  Leadership through Service is what best describes Herndon.

The troop blessed with dedicated ASMs, many who have served for over 20 years.  The Troop Committee set criteria for other ASMs to receive recognition for their service and presented the award to the following : 

Dan Herndon; Jim Phillips; Charles Holmes; Jim Whorton; Bob Pospick; Hudson Lockett; David Eisenlohr; David Baxter; Bill Knapp; Chris Hewitt; and Oscar Hollis

Charles Cochran, Tim Clow, Joe Crafton; John Shipes;

Stan McDaniel - Stan was a long time ASM that has moved out of the country and we just caught up with him.

Troop 70 is the oldest continuously operating boy scout troop in university park. (more)

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Replay the closing show from the 2010 National Jamboree.(video)

Troop 70 celebrated its 80th year of operation in 2010 with a reunion at University Park Elementary School
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