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Troop 70
Dallas, TX
Since 1930

444 eagles

83 years of fun


Helpful Information for parents:


Troop 70 is chartered by a Group of Concerned Citizens of University Park which includes the parents of the boys in the Troop.  The responsibility for the continued operation of the Troop is in the hands of the Troop Committee and the adult leaders.  The Troop Committee is composed of the Chairman, and various committee heads who volunteer their time.

The Scoutmaster is recruited by the Troop Committee.  The Assistant Scoutmasters work with the Scoutmaster in all facets of the operation of the Troop.

The Troop activities are largely run by the boy leaders.  The boy leaders are selected by the Scoutmaster and the Assistant Scoutmasters.  This process allows some shyer, perhaps less popular scouts, to hold leadership positions which they otherwise might not be elected.  Those scouts, who are not so popular, need the leadership experience more than the popular boys.

The Scouts are organized into patrols.  Each patrol is headed by a Patrol Leader and an Assistant Patrol Leader.  The troop uses the same patrol names from year to year.  They are, Beaver, Buck, Buffalo, Cobra, Eagle, Hawk, Panther, and Thunderbird.  The medallions for these are available at Circle Ten Council.

The operation of the patrol is the responsibility of the Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader.  A Patrol Father, usually a dad of a boy in the patrol, serves as the adult adviser to the Patrol Leader.  His function is to provide support and guidance when needed.  The Patrol Father must refrain from doing the Patrol Leaders' job for him.  If there are any issues that developed with the patrol's leaders, then the Scoutmaster should be advised.

If the Patrol Father, or other parent, feels the Patrol Leader is somehow negligent in his duties or needs guidance, he is not to take direct action with the Patrol Leader. The Patrol Father is to inform the Scoutmaster or an assistant after which the adult leader will counsel with the boy leader as needed.


Scouting's program assists young men in their development into responsible leaders.  However, the benefit derived from the program will be in direct proportion to the time and effort the Scout and parents put into the program.

Troop 70 provides an active Scouting program.  To get the most from the program, your son must be present at as many troop activities as possible.  The troop calendar is published during the summer to allow for family activities, which might conflict with a troop event, to be planned around the troop calendar.   The Troop has a limit to the number of boys that it can take in its program.   Membership in the troop is on a first come first serve basis.  When the troop is full, it is not right for a boy to occupy a space in the troop and not participate.   By doing so, he is keeping another boy from participating.  When a boy does not participate, he will be placed on an inactive list to make space available for boys who will participate.

To be fair to all boys participating in the Troop, each boy is expected to maintain an 75% participation level in Troop activities.  Despite all the other activities that compete for a boy’s time, he can maintain a balance between sports, school, church, etc, and remain active in Scouting.  Planning ahead and setting priorities will make the difference.

The Scoutmaster and assistant scoutmasters along with the junior leaders and Troop Committee spend many hours of time planning a program for the Scouts. Your cooperation is needed and expected.  There may be times when you do not agree wholly with the operation of the Troop, and in such a case, the Scoutmaster will appreciate your thoughts.  Often such discussions have brought improvements and innovations in the Troop's operation.

The support of the Troop's program and its operation by the participation of the parents and Scouts is essential to its continued success.

Program Information:


The Troop meetings are on Monday evenings at 7:15. Boys may start arriving at 7:00 p.m.   The meetings are planned to be completed by 8:45 p.m. Most meetings will have some type of program presentation.  These are developed around Scouting skills or areas of interest of the boys.  Frequently a game or activity is employed so the scouts can practice the skill(s) and have fun doing so.

It is important that your son be present, on time, and in full uniform.  The Troop has a patrol contest and points are awarded to each patrol for Scouts on-time arrival, uniform, advancement, etc.  When your son does his part he is helping the rest of his patrol.

Uniforms & Equipment

Only the equipment listed below should be purchased until you and your son become more familiar with our Troop's operation.  You can purchase the uniform at one of the Scout distributors,  Circle Ten Council’s "Scout Shop", or from the Troop 70 uniform exchange.  Contact an adult leader for details.

Scouts are organized into patrols.  Each patrol is headed by a Patrol Leader and an Assistant Patrol Leader.  The troop uses the same patrol names from year to year.  They are, Beaver, Buck, Buffalo, Cobra, Eagle, Hawk, Panther, and Thunderbird.  Patrol patches are available at Circle Ten Council for all patrols except the Thunderbird.  The Thunderbird patrol patch is only available from the troop for $1."

Items from  Circle Ten Council - Scout Shop, 214-902-2001, 8650 Harry Hines

  1.    1 short sleeve tan Scout shirt
  2.    1 pair Scout shorts - (the troop does not wear long scout pants- EVER!)
  3.    2 pair Scout Socks (crew)
  4.    Circle Ten Council shoulder strip
  5.    1 Service Bar - 80 year 
  6.    1 Web or leather Scout Belt     
  7.    Patrol Medallion  (If your son is in the Thunderbird patrol, that medallion is available from the troop.)

Items from the Troop - available from any Assistant Scoutmaster

The Jamboree Troop patch - $1 | Troop 70 ball cap - $10 | Troop 70 numerals - $1 | Troop t-shirt-$8 | Thunderbird Patrol Medallion - $1


Until your son grows a little more, probably 13 - 14 years old, this is the basic equipment they will need.  Please do not spend a lot of money on equipment until he (and you) learn what is needed and will work for him.

  • Bedroll
  • ground cloth
  • pack or duffel bag
  • knife, fork, spoon
  • plate, bowl, and cup for camp eating
  • poncho for rain


Troop 70 is the oldest continuously operating boy scout troop in university park. (more)

- circle 10
- bsa scouting
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- rank requirements
- the full circle
- adult training
- c-10 camp maps
- old troop pictures
- helpful forms

Replay the closing show from the 2010 National Jamboree.(video)

Troop 70 celebrated its 80th year of operation in 2010 with a reunion at University Park Elementary School
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