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Troop 70
Dallas, TX
Since 1930

444 eagles

83 years of fun


Aubrey Pollard Award:


In 1951, Troop 70 honored the memory of Aubrey Pollard.  Aubrey was a Scout in the troop lacking only Bird Study merit badge to qualify for the Eagle rank.

He joined the army and was serving in the Korean War.  There he was killed in battle. 

Shown below is the description of Aubrey as presented on the back of the award certificate.

"Aubrey Pollard was born January 9, 1930 and was killed in action in Korea on September 19, 1950, when he was only 20 years old.

He attended Crozier Technical High School where he was in the National Honorary Society, a Lt. Col. in the R.O.T.C., and was Head Cheer Leader. Later he attended Texas A&M College where he was earning his way through school. 

Aubrey joined the Boy Scouts when he became 12 years old and took an active interest in Scouting -- he served as Patrol Leader and attained the Life Rank, needing only Bird Study merit badge for the Eagle rank. 

When he was landing in Korea and a member of Troop 70, he wrote for a new registration card for he "always wanted to carry it", and then less than a month before he was killed in battle, he wrote that he wanted to serve as Assistant Scoutmaster of Troop 70 when he returned, saying; "After all the Scouts have done for me, I would like to return the favor if I'm, capable."

Throughout his life, Aubrey Pollard thought of others and how he could serve them. The soldier who operated the gun with Aubrey in Korea wrote this: "When we were in our fox holes, not knowing what minute might be our last, someone would go to pieces from the strain. Aubrey would get out of his fox hole and go to him and try to cheer him up, even though Aubrey was exposing himself to death in doing this", and again, "no matter how bad things were, Aubrey always had a big smile on his face and kept talking to keep up the spirits of the others."

An it is with that spirit in mind that the Award is presented annually to the Scout in Troop 70 who has more than other demonstrated that quality of "SHARING YOUR TALENTS."

Below is a list of the of the award winners:

Aubrey Pollard Award
Year Recipient Year Recipient
1951 Malcom (Mac) Cameron 1985 Ron Wixson
1952 Joe Abbey 1986 Jeff Cameron
1953 Frank Mc Lain 1987 Josh Hepola
1954 Tom Field 1988 Stuart Lankford
1955 John Bagwell 1989 Clinton Haley
1956 Jim Van Roo 1990 Ryan Bowles
1957 Tom Ellis 1991 Don DeLoach
1958 Charles Castles, Jr. 1992 Grant Carter & Aaron Otstott
1959 David Ellis 1993 Carl Haley
1960 John Field 1994 Greg Smith
1961 Bill Manewal 1995 Todd Abbott
1962 Don Smith 1996 Ryan Jones
1963 C J Webster 1997 Justin Nylund
1964 Brad Smith 1998 Jed Melson
1965 Larry Smith 1999 Carter Brewer
1966 Fred Wood 2000 Grant Holmes
1967 Bill Peavy 2001 Michael Eisenlohr
1968 Trevor Rees-Jones 2002 Douglas Hinckley & Ashley Mc Daniel
1969 Charles Holmes 2003 Brec Riepen
1970 Randy Hagler 2004 Chester Hewitt
1971 Hudson Lockett 2005 Carson Holmes
1972 David Eisenlohr 2006 Clark Brewer
1973 Robert Pospick 2007 Edward Beecherl
1974 John Rumley 2008 Walter Spradley
1975 Grover Ellisor 2009 Will Shaw
1976 Paul Rush 2010 James Crafton
1977 John Robertson 2011 Walter Pospick
1978 Ross Albrecht 2012 Martin Spradley
1979 Bill Hemenway 2013 Henry Haskins
1980 John Ellisor 2014 John D Cochran
1981 Buddy Edwards 2015  
1982 Steve Gwinn 2016  
1983 Lee Goode 2017  
1984 Robert Trent 2018  




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Troop 70 celebrated its 80th year of operation in 2010 with a reunion at University Park Elementary School
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